Double-Girder Gantry Cranes - ORCBA

The double-girder gantry cranes type ORCBA produced by Officine Rovers are designed and manufactured in compliance with the current industry regulations. These cranes consist of box girders connected to end carriages through rigid and oscillating motorized legs, controlled by 2 or 4 pendant motor reducers with a three-phase asynchronous motor proportional to the lifting capacity and gantry gauge. The motor control is managed by an inverter that allows gradual starts and smooth braking to prevent load swing.

The lifting group of ORCBA cranes includes a robust ORA-type hoist. This hoist is built with a special steel frame on which a winding drum with convergent helical grooves is installed. It is powered by a specially designed parallel shaft reducer and a three-phase asynchronous motor for lifting service.

The STD (standard) series of ORCBA cranes offers a range of lifting capacities from 2,000 kg up to 30,000 kg. Cranes designed for capacities exceeding 30,000 kg fall under the special series, indicating a customized design based on specific customer needs.

The crane is powered through a motorized cable reel located onboard the machine, ensuring proper feeding and management of the lifting cable.

All cranes produced by Officine Rovers are equipped with electronic, mechanical, and electromechanical safety devices to ensure a high level of safety for operators and personnel working in the suspended load handling area.