Jib and Cantilever Cranes - ORGBC and ORGBM

The jib and cantilever cranes type ORGBC and ORGBM are designed and manufactured by Officine Rovers in compliance with the current industry regulations. These cranes are customized based on the specific needs of the customer and the type of materials to be handled.

Jib cranes are designed and manufactured taking into account the customer’s specific requirements and the characteristics of the materials to be lifted. Officine Rovers adapts to the customer’s needs to provide customized solutions.

Column-mounted cranes can be fixed to the floor using chemical anchoring or anchored to foundation pedestals. The operation of the cranes, including rotation and translation, can be manual or electric, depending on the customer’s requirements. These cranes can be equipped with special accessories for material handling, such as specific hooks for coils, vacuum systems for sheets of metal, glass, wood, or general slabs, or pneumatic clamping systems for lifting parallelepiped-shaped materials.

The lifting group of the jib and cantilever cranes consists of a wire rope or chain hoist that travels along the crane arm. This lifting group is designed to ensure safe and efficient lifting of loads.

The standard (STD) lifting capacities for the column-mounted and cantilever cranes produced by Officine Rovers range from 250 kg up to 5,000 kg. These capacities can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.

Jib Cranes