Boat Lifting Cranes - ORTL

Officine Rovers designs and manufactures machines for the handling and lifting of boats within shipyards, ensuring maximum reliability and safety in its products.

The machines developed by Officine Rovers are designed to facilitate movements in all directions, including diagonal and lateral maneuvers. All movements are managed by inverters that induce gradual accelerations and decelerations to avoid oscillations of the transported boat.

These machines, known as ‘Travel Lifts,’ are equipped with a steering system with independent wheels controlled by an electronic system that allows wheel alignment in any situation. The operator, remotely through a radio remote control or an operator panel on the machine, can choose the best steering solution based on the prevailing conditions.

Officine Rovers places a strong emphasis on safety; the machines are equipped with an electronic load weighing system, which prevents lifting in case the nominal lifting capacity is exceeded. The lifted weight is displayed on a large digital screen located on the crane and easily visible to the operator.